The great outdoors arrives at an inner city school

Who needs to leave London to experience the English countryside? Not the pupils at a primary school in Ilford thanks to the transforming power of murals. As Muraldesign's largest commission to date, this school mural has taken a grey, dull and lifeless roof garden and turned it into a serene, engaging and colourful scene with lots for the little ones to spot. One wall features poppy fields, rolling hills, toadstools, a frog on a lily pad and giant insects. Another wall depicts a fun underwater scene starring an array of colourful aquatic life including frogs, ducks and fish. And to enhance the educational values of the mural, another wall has the words 'sky' and garden' cleverly spelt out using objects such as a watering can for the 'r', garden shears for the 'y' and a horizontal fork for the 'e'.